Jordanelle Now Has a Yacht Club

By Ramon Gomez, Jr.
May 25, 2021

Wasatch Yacht Club Boat concierge to open in Heber.

Heber, Utah., May 18, 2021 – Wasatch Yacht Club, a new exclusive boat concierge service for the greater Park City area, opening June 2021. The company is based on the simple idea to removes the pain and hassle by providing all the services needed for perfect boating.

Wasatch Yacht Club makes boating incredibly easy by offering a VIP experience” stated Shawn Miller, co-founder. With Wasatch Yacht Club, members meet their boat at the Jordanelle Reservoir ready for a great day on the water. Your boat will be waiting with coolers full of ice, gas tank topped off, box lunches ready to eat, and on-site personnel ready to assist with all the items we always forget. At the end of the day your boat will be pickup, washed, and prepped for your next boating adventure. Wasatch Yacht Club can also coordinate boating on other Utah reservoirs including Deer Creek, Strawberry and can provide additional services including boat captains and water sport instructors.

To ensure your boat is maintained, club membership includes annual oil changes, and boat winterization & summerization. “Our members will get maximum time on the water and our staff will ensure boating is effortless and fun” stated co-founder Michael Stoll. “When you have a boat at the Wasatch Yacht Club, you don’t even need a car with a trailer hitch”, explained Stoll.

Wasatch Yacht Club is located in a beautiful brand-newly constructed heated facility in Heber. Members of Wasatch Yacht Club will enjoy many activities including access to the soon built Yacht Club lounge, BBQ parties, educational seminars, and VIP Boat Launches at the Jordanelle and Deer Creek reservoir. “We are creating a boating family environment at the Club” Stated Adam Carter - Wasatch Yacht Club Manager.

2210 West 3000 South, Heber City, Utah 84032

Phone: (801) 528-4648

Wasatch Yacht Club is also supporting our local community helping to safeguard our waterways by partnering with Protect Our Lake Life. This local nonprofit is dedicated to boating safety, etiquette, and commitment to trash removal. Randy Casper founded Protect Our Lake Life stated, “We are excited to partner with the Wasatch Yacht Club and their commitment to our mission”. Casper explained “the two organizations will work together through educational seminars with a portion of the proceeds from Wasatch Yacht Club benefiting Protect Our Lake Life”.

For more information on Wasatch Yacht Club visit

Media Contact: Michael Stoll


Silly Market is Back for 2021

By Ramon Gomez, Jr.
May 10, 2021

Yes, The Silly Market Will Be Back in 2021

Ramon Gomez, Jr.Ramon Gomez, Jr.

Associate Broker Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Utah Properties

Jay Hamburger  park record

Phineas Hailey drums during a Park Silly Sunday Market in 2017. Park City officials voted to allow the Silly Market to return this summer after it was canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Park Silly Sunday Market on Thursday won the vote it needed to return to Main Street this summer and early fall, another step in Park City’s continuing economic resurgence a year after the event was one of the early losses of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Park City Council unanimously approved the Silly Market’s plans for 2021, expressing broad support for the event. The Silly Market is centered on lower Main Street with an eclectic lineup of vendor booths and offers activities south of the Heber Avenue intersection as well.

The Silly Market is a key event of the summer-tourism calendar, drawing more than 187,000 people during the most recent season in 2019. The cancellation in 2020 was an indication that the economic hurt of the pandemic would stretch well beyond the early end to the 2019-2020 ski season.

The elected officials did not spend extensive time discussing the Silly Market prior to the vote. There remains concern about the state of the spread of the coronavirus in the summer, but there are also acknowledgments of the drop in case counts and the increasing vaccination numbers.

Nobody testified at a hearing prior to the vote. Kate McChesney, the executive director of the Silly Market, assured Mayor Andy Beerman and the City Council the event can be held in a safe manner and said organizers plan regular meetings with City Hall staffers and Summit County health officials.

The Silly Market season is scheduled to open June 6 and run through Sept. 26. Three Sundays — Aug. 1, Aug. 8 and Aug. 15 — are not included. Park City itself is considering pedestrian days on Sundays that would cover the section of Main Street outside the Silly Market boundaries. The City Council is tentatively scheduled to approve the pedestrian days at a meeting on May 13.

The Silly Market plans numerous measures designed to guard against the spread of the coronavirus. A City Hall report drafted in anticipation of the meeting on Thursday indicated staffers found the measures to comply with the coronavirus protocols required by Utah officials.

In one of the key moves, the Silly Market organizers reduced the vendor numbers during the opening four Sundays. The reduction will drop the count to 180 from the typical 225. The report says the reduction will “allow better pedestrian flow and reduce crowding.” City Hall, the Summit County Health Department and the Silly Market intend to evaluate the status of the pandemic with the possibility of allowing additional vendors later in the season. The reduction is a “significant financial burden” on the Silly Market, the report says.

The Silly Market, meanwhile, will encourage mask wearing if the state does not require coverings at events. There will be social distancing signs, increased space between booths and the organizers will encourage people at high risk to attend early in the day. The organizers will also encourage contactless transactions.

The Silly Market in 2020 canceled the event in April, just as it was becoming clear that the pandemic would roil the economy well beyond the end of that ski season.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

By Ramon Gomez, Jr.
Apr 05, 2021

Homeowners focus so much on the interior of their homes that they may often neglect the outside—or at the very least do the bare minimum like keeping the lawn mowed. However, if you're thinking about selling your home or want to one-up the neighbors, here are a few ideas that'll put other yards to shame:

Update Your Walkway

When folks come to your house, you want to roll out the proverbial red carpet. A beautifully done walkway can give off the impression that you're welcoming guests to your house.

If you have a plain concrete walkway, you can tear it up and install pavers, brick or slate. However, if you don't want to do all of that, you can powerwash the walkway and stain it with a special concrete stain. Again, you can go as bold or as subtle as you'd like with the stain color, but be sure to choose a complimentary color!

Add or Update Lighting

Yes, houses often have a generic porch light, but they don't really add any pizzaz to the exterior of the home. Upgraded light fixtures add a bit of class and appeal to your home without a lot of fuss. Dark fixtures with clean lines on lighter houses just look a little more modern if that's your desired aesthetic. If you want a farmhouse look, white or gray lantern fixtures are great options.

Other than porch lights, you can add walkway lights or light posts to the front of your driveway too. With that said, flood lights that stay on aren't necessarily great for curb appeal. We recommend motion sensor lights so that you'll be alerted of anyone (or anything) coming onto your property, but the overall look of your home won't be overshadowed by the bright lights.

Create Flower Beds Suitable for Your Climate

You'd be surprised by how well-maintained flower beds can improve the look of your house. The bright colors, deep rich mulch and even trimming around the flower beds go a long way to helping your house look put together.

When you're choosing flowers, you want to be mindful of what type of flowers grow best in your particular neck of the woods. Flowers like pansies and hostas are great for colder climates, but hibiscus or peonies do better during the summer or warmer climates.

If you're unsure about what flowers or plants to use, or need more information about gardening in general, the Farmer's Almanac is an excellent source.

Use Color to Make Your House Pop

Naturally, flowers are a great way to add some color to your house, but there are other ways you can add color! You can give your house a new coat of paint, which will freshen up the look of your house. Some popular exterior colors include shades of gray and blue, off white, and light neutrals like taupe and brown.

Another great way to add color is by having a bold door and/or shutters. Red doors are typical, but have you ever considered robins egg or even a bright color like orange, fuchsia or green? Just remember to choose a color that compliments the rest of the house, rather than clashes!

As with the interior of your home, you should strive to have lovely curb appeal! Of course, meticulous landscaping improves curb appeal, but it also helps make your house feel like home.

For the past year, Evette Champion has been writing informative articles for and enjoys educating new homebuyers about the world of real estate. She's an avid fan of the home improvement shows on HGTV and the DIY network and is always looking for affordable ways to improve her home—especially when it comes to boosting curb appeal without breaking the bank!



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