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Why Park City

What Our Customers Say About Us

Thank you all again for working so hard to help Annette and I meet the closing deadline. I know this was not a simple closing and required extra effort from all of you. Annette and I fully appreciate how fortunate we've been to have such a dedicated team of professionals guiding us.

If you ever need additional references, please consider us 'extremely satisfied customers'. You are the best of the best in our minds. Annette and I would like to stay in touch with you as friends and as part of our trusted real estate professionals team.

All the best to you and yours,
Quinton Rodgers

My wife Judy and I have moved 13 times during our marriage and my career in Hospitality Management…So after living here since May 1, 2001 I can tell you why our family chose not to leave Park City.

After all the moves our family has made over the years Park City was a place we just did not want to leave.  I can honestly tell you that I feel I am on vacation very day we live here…even with my work as a real estate agent I get to travel all around our little town and see the beauty everywhere…just today I was helping another agent show real estate in the Glenwild/Ranches at the Preserve part of town and he told me was going to five other locations…I told his client “well the good news is…it is beautiful everywhere you go”.

I like telling people that I live and work inside a postcard…because I believe it!  Besides the natural beauty of the area, I really enjoy the small town feel of getting to know everyone and seeing them all over town.  We constantly bump into friends, acquaintances’, business partners and others on the slopes, in restaurants, at the gym, on the trails or almost anywhere.

Being in a small town you get to meet and know the owners of the local restaurants, businesses, and it makes doing business with them feel more friendly and satisfying.

Now a great “side effect” of living in this atmosphere is…it causes almost everyone I know (including me) to enjoy life more, be less stressed about daily life and enjoy your family and friends.  I can’t tell how many times I have had people tell me that visit here…that they just feel more relaxed, happy and comfortable in this little town of ours.

Of course another side effect is…the healthy atmosphere all around us…you can’t help but want to be outdoors doing anything.  My wife hasn’t cross country skied in over 16 years, we move here and she started it up again, we hike often and I have learned how to snowboard (no I don’t ski).  Heck I am even in a Curling League…it’s a blast!

As you probably know…a great benefit to being in this resort town of Park City is that we are only 30 minutes to the Salt Lake Airport, Coscto, auto and motorcycle dealerships, the arts, cultural events and major sports…the city life…but then we drive up the mountain 20 minutes and we are 15 degrees cooler in the summer, sunnier and in a mountain resort with fresh mountain air.